HowSnax – Reunite: Horripilation Inducing Hip Hop

Pennsylvanian Hip Hop artist HowSnax has just given me goose bumps with his chillingly beautiful new track Reunite. Yes. Literally. From the moment the resonance from the beat hit me, I waited with a slight sensation of dread to kick in as I waited for the vocals to kick in. See, Reunite is a sound so instrumentally perfect it grips you like a vice and clings on long after the track has faded out. There’s just no room in this ethereally cacophonous Hip Hop track. The swirling synths dance around the heavy dub of the bassline creating multi-layers of pure haunting bliss. If Resident Evil ever put out a new film, they’d be ridiculous not to hit up HowSnax for the soundtrack. (is anyone even still following that franchise?) Yet, HowSnax’s production talents almost transcend that, as they move with Lynchian chaos.

You can check out HowSnax’s latest drop Reunite which was released on 16 March 2018 on SoundCloud

HowSnax tracks are also available to download from Beatstars

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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