How Long Do I Wait: Mia Stegner is sweetly conflicted on ‘Re-Quieted’

Showing us her intrigingly thoughtful mind that is full of so many important decisions that has her thinking so deeply about what to do in this new situation, Mia Stegner tries to work out her next step after someone she cared about left forever on ‘Re-Quieted‘.

Mia Stegner is a lovably quirky New York City-based indie folk/pop singer-songwriter, deep thinker, cat lover and mental health advocate.

A storyteller at heart, Mia Stegner views music as an avenue to ask questions, seek answers, and ponder both personal and collective pieces of the human experience. In her mind, no topic is too big or too small to explore, from the risks of treasuring a newfound friendship to the ethereal appeal of bath time.” ~ Mia Stegner

You feel Mia Stegner’s warm embrace on the toasty mic as you get lost in her sweetly-lipped vocals – with cleverly-penned lyrics that has you wishing you could give her a big hug – to let her know that everything is going to be okay. The story is so relevant and true, with a crisply mellow soundscape that is loving and full of cute mind-racing ideas to work out which door to open next.

Re-Quieted‘ from the heartfelt New York City-based indie folk/pop singer-songwriter Mia Stegner, is a lovely single from an artist who is working things out in her curious mind, as she sings with such an honest tone. Her beautiful vocals takes you away from this often-harsh world – and into a place that has you glancing around quickly – to wonder if your garden gate will ever be properly fixed too.

Hear this fine new single on Spotify and see more adventures via the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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