Houston Clark – YDMNTM: Emotively Charged Urban EDM Pop

The key element to any hard-hitting Pop track, or for any track for that matter is the recognition that the artist is wrapped up in the emotion that is being poured through the mic. Never before now has it been so palpable, Houston Clark really did set the emotive bar high for himself with this release of YDMNTM (or You Don’t Mean Nothing To Me). The beat only proved to amplify the melancholia behind the vocals as it progressed to be one of the darkest Pop tracks I’ve ever heard. How Houston Clark managed to pack in that much progression into a 3:58-minute long beat is yet another testament to his pioneering talent. By the time you’ve reached the end of the track you’ve gone from a soundscape that isn’t too dissimilar from the average Pop hit on the radio to a bass heavy smorgasbord of dark beats.

You can check out Houston Clark’s latest single for yourself by heading over to YouTube where you’ll be treated to the official music video.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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