House Producer and DJ Nate C. The Chief releases latest single ‘Sucka’

Buckle your seatbelts, down that shot and, as a safety measure, you may want to secure your head!!! The Veteran DJ Nate.C The Chief is at it again.

‘Sucka’, Nate C. The Chief’s latest offering is a fresh and delicious cocktail of House, Trance, and Hip Hop, with nods to Busta Rhymes, Bassment Jaxx and David Guetta. His gritty vocal call to action and artful use of electronic beats and hypnotic baselines guide the listener unaware to an intoxicating, mind bending crescendo, guaranteed to displace even the very shyest wallflower and plant them squarely in the middle of the dance floor.

This clever mixture of old school riffs, new school tricks and, the ingenious blurring of traditional musical regional lines will please the club going masses greatly and secure a spot on the list of must-hear club anthems in 2020. If jumping dance floors is what Nate C. Is known for, then by jove, a lot of jumping is exactly what he is set to get.

Check out Nate C’s fantastic new release yourself over at Souncloud now.

Review by Susan Harriott

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