House gets a Chiptune infusion with Asercandro’s debut “VOY X AHÍ”

2020 has sucked for so many reasons, but the number of artists and producers making their debut has been a sweetener amongst the chaos, confusion and tragedies. Alt Electro artist Asercandro can count himself amongst our aural saviours after the release of their high-vibe debut.

VOY X AHÍ is a testament to the Puerto Rican-based producer’s ability to implant ecstasy within the glitchy electronic progressions which, in turn, become an earworm and implant themselves in between your synapses.

To create the high-vibe and energetically electric hit, Asercandro borrowed a fair amount of inspiration from 8-bit and 16-bit videogames. Yet, under the artist’s retro-futuristic rhythmic prowess, it’s safe to say, you’ve never enjoyed Chiptune like this before.

You can check out Asercandro’s track via Apple Music.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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