Hoping to find the way- 8udDha bl0od drops passionate single ‘’2 7H3 Fi3l:.5 20X!i + X! 83.:.R W!7n355 2 7H3 Willd3Rn355 MiR.:.cl3 Wi7h H3l & 0.:.735’’


You never know what to expect from this terrifically talented Brighton based band from England and once again they deliver a home run with this dark and hauntingly real single. It’s all about finding the way while dealing with rejection all the time. A topic that most of us battle with. 

The guitar riffs on this song are very groovy and I feel like the start of the song would fit a movie scene. A very intense part at that. The way they draw you in is truly remarkable.

A song over 7 minutes is usually way too long in this day and age but not for this band. The whole song changes after halfway, yet again, and they add a whole different sound to the rest of the track. It adds a whole new element and is so great to see. It’s like they really enjoy messing with us and then decide to change into what the song really was supposed to be. 

Don’t stop making this type of music boys, this what sets you apart. Bring on the next one but first, let’s appreciate this genius before it’s all gone.

Get your 8udDha bl0od fix with this deep single on their SoundCloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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