Honesty Is The Way Forward For Cerdafied X Saüd

In a world that seems filled with emerging urban artists sticking to the same cliched, mumble rap set to that same trap beat and taking that same self-aggrandising lyrical tough man act in an effort to just gain more views, likes, followers, money, gold, cars, houses… ad infinitum, it is great to come across someone really pushing the genre into new territory, really pushing the possibilities of where urban music can go next. Yes, they play with a lot of that imagery but somehow this time out it all seems more authentic, more honest, more from the grime reality of the streets.

Cerdafied X Saüd bring a lot of elements, expected and otherwise to the table. Old School lyrical flow and rap abounds, you know, the sort of deliveries that actually landed with some sort of memorable impact the brain. The beats strut confidently across the tracks of the album as it wanders between confident grooves and more hazy synth washes but it is what is going on behind, beyond and between these structures which is the real charm. Glitchy electronica, golden age of hip-hop strut, pulsing bass lines, mutant dance and futuristic space noise all weave around the more expected sounds. The future of urban music? I wouldn’t rule it out.

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