Holding Information: Baltimore’s Strange Attractor rise genuinely from uncharted territory on ‘Artifact’

Shining radiantly with one of the most gloriously rhythmical tracks so far this year, Strange Attractor carefully looks within and finds all of the answers that they need to be free on the excellent ‘Artifact‘.

Strange Attractor is a grounded Baltimore-based indie rock band that makes a different blend of music than most and appears to have found their ideal sound that suits their incredibly authentic nature.

A 5-piece band at the core, Strange Attractor has been known to perform as a 7, 9, even a 20 piece band on occasion, and has an intangible Baltimore essence.” ~ Strange Attractor

Strange Attractor is a well-loved underground band that is such a quality listen, you end up telling all your friends about this superb act you have discovered. It seems like they are fully in tune with the earth and there is only genuine energy projected here, as they leave the fake talk for others to unwisely bluster into.

Artifact‘ from the groovy Baltimore-based indie rock band Strange Attractor, is an unearthing-the-realness winner for the soul to digest just right. There is a real vibe here that is so rare these days and you feel like this is a community that is perfect for those music festivals where you can just be yourself. Dislodging all of those important hidden quests you need to be truly content is the best way to live, rather than always being unhappy about the things that you don’t really require.

Hear this super new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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