Hold Those Tears: Quake Jones won’t give up no matter what on ‘LoveMeMore’

After a long hiatus to care for his young son full time, Quake Jones sounds extra motivated and ready to follow his dreams again on his new single about trying to keep that sweet romance burning bright, despite the heavy rain edging closer to water the fire on ‘LoveMeMore‘.

Quake Jones is a smoothly-voiced Southern Minnesota-based indie hip-hop artist and singer. He is able to tell stories with incredible intellect and makes you realize that life can take you into a whole different direction in seconds.

After signing a deal with a label almost a decade ago and being close to the front door ready to tour, he didn’t hesitate in choosing his son over his career when the decision came. After working in a big factory and then moving onto assistant manager at the local museum, he is back into the music arena and is enjoying each second.

You feel his passion burning hotly through the song, as he asks that they keep the faith, no matter what the current circumstances are. The world is crazy and work can gloom up your mood — causing issues at home — but there will always be a way to each others hearts, if they are beating fast enough when your eyes lock in.

LoveMeMore‘ from Southern Minnesota-based singer/hip-hop artist Quake Jones, has you headed to grab some tissues as the story is real and has you feeling emotional. Sometimes relationships are so hard even if you want them to be simple, the world has other ideas and puts your plans into a windy twist of knots.

Finding that clarity and never giving up is the only thing you can do, if you love each other enough.

Stream this new single via YouTube and see his social journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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