Hila reclaimed her autonomy with her trailblazingly moody twist on bubblegum pop, Sorry?

After thriving through 2022 with her extensively playlisted singles, Easy to Lose Control and Thoughts Out Loud, the alt-pop sensation, Hila is delivering vindication hand over inexplicably talented fist in her latest single, Sorry?

The moody pop instrumentals following the staccato guitar prelude contrastingly illuminate the shimmering soul that spills from her dreamily pitch-perfect vocal timbre to the nth degree as the lyrics capture the evocative complexity of relationships that leave you doubting your self-worth before you arrive at the epiphany that people beneath you will always drag you down to their depraved depths.

With both of Hila’s previous 2022 singles reaching the 300k+ stream mark on Spotify alone, if any breakthrough artist is going to make 2023 their own, it’s Hila. The strength of her sonic palettes could carry her alone; with her proclivity to dig deep lyrically to help her growing fanbase grapple with their own anxiety and heartbreak, she’s worth her weight in gold. What Gwen Stefani was to the 90s, Lila is to the 21st century.

Sorry? Officially released on December 27th, it is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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