Hiigh Society’s Cherry Racks Up 121k Plays On Soundcloud

In the days of trap, we’ve found a love of resonant pads and tight, crisp hats. Hiigh Society knows how to drop these loops, and more importantly, they know how to do it with all of the talent of classic rap and persona of the last twenty years of hip hop. Mix this and you’ll get a cocktail called Cherry. Detuned to perfection, we’ve got a hypnotic melody and a battle-ready beat that would be enough to fit in with current trends. Beyond that, we’ve got dynamic verses that showcase some really unique talents.

Featuring Freddy Mac and the Surgeon, there’s no shortage of interest in going verse to verse. While pop music continues to perfect the art of the chorus, Hiigh Society recognizes that the real art is what’s surrounding those refrains. Verses are mixed perfectly but still maintain their deliveries in ways that feel natural and suited to each rapper that takes the mic. It’s wonderful to see artists coming together in a way that really does show a culmination of so much compacted musical influence. Hip hop fans, don’t miss out on this.

-Paul Weyer

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