High rising young Emcee BG Scott debuts with ‘’You Can Say’’

‘’I gave this all my all, I’m waiting on this call.’’ Giving it 100% is all anyone can ask for and sometimes we just need a little bit of luck, to take things to the next level. BG wants this to work out real bad and speaks on this topic via his debut music release- ‘’You Can Say’’.  

Introducing, ‘BG Scott’ who is 19 years old and is straight outta Lynchburg, Virginia in the USA. Inspired by his brother to get into music, this young Emcee must just be patient, ignore the haters and just make good music. 

This is a good start to his music career, the production is tight and his voice comes across well. A lot of Emcee’s struggle with this and mumble a lot. While at times popular, that kind of style will never be timeless.

Let’s see what ‘BG Scott’s’ next music sounds like. I’m sure that it will be really good. He wants to be huge in the game so it’s bound to be a motivated song. 

In this game, motivation is exactly the attitude you need.

Click on the Spotify page and enjoy more of this talented Emcee.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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