High Math – Hallelujah: Cinematically Ethereal Electronica

High Math have just dropped their latest mix of Hallelujah (Cathedral Mix), the Electronically inclined producer created an ambiently warm rendition of the timeless club classic which would never play to an empty dancefloor. The synergy that’s weaved into the layers of the beat could only be described as cinematically uplifting. High Math’s approach to creating music was never going to result in sub standard mixes given his penchant for abstract in every corner of the art world. High Math doesn’t just create music to listen to, he creates music for his fans to connect with, through his expert knowledge of meter & rhyme. Each track High Maths has put out with a little help from his record label Pythagoras has been a transcendental journey through pacifyingly blissful synth.

You can check out the high-vibe electronica mix Hallelujah by High Math on SoundCloud now & Follow High Math to keep up to date with his latest remixes on Facebook

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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