Hide In My Head: SVNDRA is quite ravishingly resplendent on the excellent ‘STAY’ (feat. wifisfuneral)

On a breathtaking rhythm that has your entire foundation vigilant and eager for anything, SVNDRA is quite sensational on her more-loving-please new single called ‘STAY(feat. wifisfuneral).

SVNDRA is a naturally-creative Estonian-born, Los Angeles, California-based indie-pop singer-songwriter and classically trained dancer, who blends hip-hop and sensuous synth to pack a refreshing ambience into each one of her gorgeous tracks.

SVNDRA dreamt of being a singer and living in Los Angeles from the time she was a child growing up in the beautiful forests of her country and she let nothing get in her way. Alone, and only 17 years old she made her initial trip to the United States and wound up recording her first demos in a basement in Queens. The following year she returned, this time to LA and started her life in America.” ~ SVNDRA

This is the sensually evocative narrative of desiring your partner to stay no matter what, as the enchanting SVNDRA pulsates the airwaves like the world-class artist that she is. There is so much to lather lovingly into here, with a smoothly comprehended production that is simply flawless from all corners.

STAY(feat. wifisfuneral) the compelling Estonian-born, Los Angeles, California-based indie-pop singer-songwriter SVNDRA, is one of the finest singles yet from 2021. There is so much extraordinary pure essence all the way through, and the combination of a singer in her prime and a rapper reaching the peak of his powers is quite a beautiful combination. This is the type of hot track that is perfect for any time of the day or night, as you just turn this up on full and see where you end up next.

See this new music video on YouTube and find out more on her IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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