Henry Cron – The Girl In My Algebra II.: Lo-Fi Vocal Vaperwave

Prom: An Electronic Romance by Henry Cron

This song will give your brain the same feeling it gives you when you are inserting candy in your mouth. The sweetness is real!

Henry Cron is an electronic music producer of a wide spectrum. And the fact he comes from Daytona, FL one can say is obvious on his music. “The Girl In My Algebra II.” apart from having a gorgeous title for itself, is a melancholic track that is delivered in the most cheerful way. Henry’s vocals do remind the vocals of EDEN’s (perhaps an influence of his?) that are floating on top of this vaporwave-ish loop. His slow and low note singing is gently splashing some colors on the minimalistic canvas of his music. In regards to the song’s music structure, there’s a steady repetition, with almost no changes – or at least I didn’t manage to catch any. Consequently, the main instrument, the one responsible for changing the entire pace, is his voice. And it is ear-candy.

Listen to “The Girl In My Algebra II.” on Henry Cron’s Bandcamp page.

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis

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