Hei$enberg spits with confidence on his new track ‘Bad Chick’

Texas rapper Hei$enberg has released ‘Bad Chick’, a bouncy Southern-style rap song that impresses with confidence and charisma alone. 

‘Bad Chick’ is, in most, Hei$enberg flexing the influences he takes inspiration from. It’s a bouncy track that could feel at home in any Southern hip-hop playlist as the rapper takes his E-40-cum-UGK style of flowing into distinct pockets across the beat – and it should get most listeners grooving well enough. 

The track’s highs come fairly quickly and Hei$enberg sounds confident, and from a rapper with little in the way of back catalog, we’re looking forward to hearing more. Hei$enberg flows with a that’s underrepresented in a lot of rap, and this is the kind of track proves that dial should start swinging the other way. 

You can listen to Hei$enberg’s ‘Bad Chick’ on Spotify now.

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