Heavy Mackin’ debuts with star sign pop love story ”Zodiac Freak”

You are so into star signs and think about it all the time when you are with a girl. You wonder what the difference is between them and try to work out which signs suits you. There is only one way to work this out and that is by meeting the ladies. During lock-down this might be quite tough but with summer on the way, this is now an absolute possibility.

Heavy Mackin’ is here with his first ever release and he sends out ”Zodiac Freak” for the world’s enjoyment. This is a raw debut and this is a guy that loves the women in his like. The young singer/rapper is at a lost at the moment and feel like working this out is a mission he wants to do right now. The aim is the find his dream girl and right now he is a single man so doesn’t want to be like this for his whole life. With a consistent flow and a different style, he creates his own niche in the Hip Hop game.

Check out this song via Youtube to find out more about this brand new artist and he makes his debut in the music world.

To see more and find out about future live shows be sure to go to Heavy Mackin’s Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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