Head Straight: Aitan Milman drops debut single 6/16/06 (feat. Gabrielle Milman)

Urging those fake people to vanish quickly as he is in no mood for that drama, Aitan Milman doesn’t need a four-leaf clover and shows us his lyrical ability on 6/16/06 (feat. Gabrielle Milman).

Aitan Milman is a 16-year-old Bay Area, USA-based indie hip hop artist and music producer who is young in the game but wise in life experiences.

In addition to rapping and beat-making, he is also an experienced drummer in multiple genres such as Rock, Jazz, Funk, and Latin.” ~ Aitan Milman explaining his other music skills

Rapped with flair and precision, Aitan Milman is an emerging rapper with potential in droves. Soaring high like a bird on a mission to find that ideal nest, he sooths our speakers with a fine performance that will impress many rap fans who need a new hero to believe in.

6/16/06 (feat. Gabrielle Milman) from Bay Area, USA-based indie hip hop artist and music producer Aitan Milman shows us his poetic skills that are rather easy to listen to. Showing us inside his world that has faced many adversities, this is a quality song that will strike the heart of so many who have had to put up with so much unnecessary stress in the harsh climates of modern day life.

When you have the power within, you can certainly rise to heights that were unthinkable before.

Hear this brilliant new single on YouTube and see more news on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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