Hate This Feeling: Trevor DeBenon evokes emotional flashbacks with the excellent debut ‘Don’t Wanna Feel Anymore’

With a fresh look and tasty beats, Trevor DeBenon leads us into that time she didn’t feel the same way you did on ‘Don’t Wanna Feel Anymore‘.

Trevor DeBenon is a youthfully exuberant Houston, Texas-based producer, who truly loves what he does and has made his much-anticipated debut song, that comes from the deepest part of his heart.

The vocals shine a bright light on the fire within, as he looks determinedly for the new path after this road has been blocked by someone else. The beat is crisp and has you listening intently, the catchy nature has you moving your body slowly, albeit with that feeling that you remember all too well. The world can be a harsh place if you don’t have thick skin, those thorns can slice you open quickly, unless you learn to bandage yourself up quickly, as you know better days are around the corner.

Don’t Wanna Feel Anymore‘ from the talented young producer Trevor DeBenon, is a track all about those strong feeling you had that unfortunately weren’t reciprocated, as you wonder about what could of been and seeing her moving on so quickly on the same night hurts really bad. The true lesson digs deep, but will forever make you stronger and help you learn to only give your heart to those who deserve it.

Stream this breakup single on Spotify and follow him on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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