Harvey Lemmings ‘Latley’ Will Take Listeners Through A Musical Journey

Harvey Lemmings is an artist who managed to perfect his unique take on genres such as electronic music, experimental, ambient or neo-soul.

His sound is striking because it can appear extremely sophisticated, yet pleasantly simple, appealing to a wide variety of crowds and listeners. With his brand new release, Lately, Harvey managed to progress yet another step forward in his songwriting and production aesthetics. This song is a perfect example of what happens when balance is taken into account. This artist managed to craft the music with a particular attention to details, making for a very special combination of edgy energy and personable intimacy.

“Lately” will take listeners through an exciting musical journey, where rhythm dances along with melody, creating something really special. When listening to this music, Harvey reminds me of artists such as Tame Impala or Flying Lotus, just to mention a few. The sound is roomy and expansive, yet humble and down to earth, making for an absolutely special compromise between ambiance and intimacy.

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