Harmonical Proves How They Got Their Name with Latest Single “WYSIWYG”

It’s been a pretty prolific year for production for the up and coming artist Hamonical. “WYSIWYG” is the latest track to be released from the EDM Pop artist who allowed the track to stand testament to the fact that knows how to create a soulful sound using predominantly digital effect. Whilst there is some bluesy background rhythm courtesy of guitar and bass, the rhythm is predominantly led by the concordantly thrashing kicks from the 808’s.

Harmonical’s latest single may conclude on the note that “you haven’t seen nothing yet”, but I’m pretty sure we haven’t heard the extent of Harmonical’s prodigal approach to the genre either. EDM Pop has plenty more avenues to go down yet and Harmonical may just be the artist to take us there. Even with the slightly excessive use of vocal verb in some parts in the track, WYSIWYG’s warmly mesmeric beats won’t fail to leave you hooked on her ability to layer harmony within Harmonical’s mixes.

You can check out Harmonical’s latest single for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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