Hard Working Boss get obsessively hilarious with ‘OCD Girlfriend’

Pop-rapper and virtue signalling entrepreneur Hard Working Boss has released new track ‘OCD Girlfriend’. A song about projecting relationship issues with irreverently and increasingly crude British musicality. 

‘OCD Girlfriend’ is funny. It’s really hard to not write that it made me laugh on several occasions while listening to it. Of course, that’s not to preclude it from a place upon the righteous throne of musicality that pretend-to-be-journalists-like-myself bestow upon the plebeian masses around me – it’s just, it’s probably the most honest I can be about any kind of music I’ve ever heard. It’s a bumpy, jumpy electro-ified number that comes at you with increasingly ludicrous lyrics delivered with actual, bonafide Mike Skinner-esque swagger.

Put it on your playlist – or don’t? I guess I don’t really care either. The song has way too much of an irreverent spirit to recommend anything but listening to it at least once – even to experiment, if you will. Whatever you do, just remember to feed Mr Jiggles. 

Listen to ‘OCD Girlfriend’ over on Hard Working Boss’ Soundcloud account.

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