Happy K-O – Growing Up: The Punchiest Alt Rock Genre-Mash Up You’ll Hear this Year

Happy K-O is one of those sublime artists who I’m fairly sure would never allow their sound to be defined by just one genre. The latest single brought out by the emerging artist is the eclectically infused mix ‘Growing Up’ which incorporates the punchy off beat progressions of Ska with the guitar-driven melodies of Prog Rock, with a pinch of Indie Pop sensibility. On top of all that, there’s even an EDM Trap element which Happy K-O somehow found space for in the mix. Genuinely confused how he packed all of that into a three-minute track.

The arrangements are like nothing I have ever heard, the multilayer beat weaves seamlessly, concordantly, bewitchingly, allowing you to be consumed by the uplifting quintessence of the track. The vocal harmonies add a sweet hint of innocence over the single which invites you fall even more in love with Happy K-O’s prodigally textured sound. The relatively Lo Fi recording of the track adds even more to the amiability.

You can check out Happy K-O’s latest single Growing Up from their 2018 album Youth and Ignorance on YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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