Happy in Oblivion – Love and Understanding: Pensively Archaic Indie Rock

Has Richard Hawley started a new band and failed to tell us about it? I could be mistaken for thinking so after listening to Happy in Oblivion’s latest track Love and Understanding. The pensively steeped archaic single created an overwhelmingly nostalgic feel, whilst at the same time sounding as pioneering as guitar music possibly could thanks to the Post Punk undertones curtesy of the ever reverberating bass guitar that wouldn’t sound out of place in a Joy Division track. If you like Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen or Nick Cave I can guarantee you will adore the pacifying and chilling vocals behind Love and Understanding. It’s not all that often that I will rate a love song so highly, but Happy in Oblivion do it in a beautifully pensive way that doesn’t fail to leave you beguiled. The lyrics were even enough to move the cold heart of this nihilist.

You can check out Happy in Oblivions track Love and Understanding which was first released on May 4th, 2018 (the force was definitely with them for this release) and fall in love yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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