Hannah Ureste has released Pop single HIGH

Artist Hannah Ureste has released her Pop infused single ‘HIGH’, with these moving rhythms and intriguing style.

As the piece begins to start, you’re instantly drawn into the unique vocals that Hannah portrays throughout. Having that soft tone, but sometimes stretching the voice out to create a different texture of vocal as the song goes on. In parts, she turns into more of a raspy whisper and in some parts she hits the high-notes effortlessly.

The melody that intertwines, is like any Pop beat. Making sure it’s upbeat and tends to overpower the vocals as it cuts through all the elements, as the vocals begin to draw back into the background.

A wide range of different uses of instrumentation is what makes this melody flow and create this catchy beat, from the trumpet to the drums all pulling together to make this uplifting sound.

Check out Hannah Ureste’s HIGH by heading on over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall

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