Hands of Kali – Life Street: Release A Pounding Track That’s Insatiably Upbeat

Most of the time when I listen to a 21st century electronic track, I’m left wishing I hadn’t. Life Street was a refreshing change from the prevalence of overly polished crass reincarnations that we so often find in the electronic field today. The London based mastermind artist behind Hands of Kali has certainly created a new era within the genre of Electronica. It’s infused with 80’s glitchy synth pop with a rich dubbing of soulful dubbed vocals. Essentially, it has got all the elements you’d hope for in a good club hit.

It’s got excellent potential, I’m pretty sure it will be pumped through gym stereos and dance worldwide in no time at all. This conceptual artist infuses immersive breakdowns with some excellent electronic trance worked into the production to create a powerful cacophony of sound that flows seamlessly and soulfully.

All too often tracks like this come over as cheesy and crass, but the pure pounding bass takes you away from judgement to immerse you in one of the most upbeat tracks that you’re bound to hear this year. It provides all of the nostalgia of 80’s electronica yet with a futuristic sound which draws you in and captivates you from start to finish in this mesmerising track. She’s the true essence of originality with her thoughtful, evocative lyrics!

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