Hands Around Your Neck: $TABBY RIP $TAB $TAB wants his ex to totally forget on ‘Master’

On a mission to re-popularize metal music to its highest form and to be one of the all-time greats, $TABBY RIP $TAB $TAB shares his inner picture of a past relationship with a raw display on ‘Master‘.

$TABBY RIP $TAB $TAB is a youthful Los Angeles, California-based indie alt-metal singer-songwriter who was formed by Keith Man.

Launched in late August 2021, Keith released 5 songs that he felt would showcase the versatility of his project, as well as foreshadow his releases to come.” ~ $TABBY RIP $TAB $TAB

With a hauntingly scary style that has your whole body clenched up in anticipation for his next move, $TABBY RIP $TAB $TAB rips through our day with his signature aplomb on a track that shall have the hairs on your body standing up to attention.

Master‘ from the LA-based solo alt-metal solo singer-songwriter $TABBY RIP $TAB $TAB, is an underground experience that will shock many, and totally enthral others to turn up the volume. Just like his heroes from Slipknot, the aim here is to give out a true expression – that is filled with speaker-rattling moments that make you jolt – and think deeply about those moments that have the power to change everything.

Listen to this new single on Reverbnation and see more of his stories on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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