Half Breed – Are You Hiring: A Hip Hop Narrative of American Racial Inequality

As far as I’m concerned, there aren’t enough Hip Hop artists out there in the contemporary Urban arena using their platform for anything other than versing about how great they are or how much Hennessey they can drink. Yet, emerging Rap artist Half Breed cooked up an absolute storm with his 2014 single Are You Hiring. It would seem that in the four years which have passed since the track’s release, nothing much has changed for the inequality faced by Black men in America.

The beat to Are You Hiring is just as hard-hitting as the concept behind the track, Half Breed went for a high-tempo, pounding, thrashing EDM beat for the ultimate grounding effect. The raw, narrative lyricism will feel you leaving wounded after you’ve drank in all of the harrowing sentiment as the US based artist tries to bring an end to the disparity of racial prejudice. Childish Gambino went viral, Are You Hiring deserves the same notoriety.

You can check out Half Breed’s single Are You Hiring for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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