Guilt Drill – Music for dancers at the end of the world

The Devil Is Within Each Of Us, Yet There Is Still No God by Guilt Drill

What’s not to like about this track. Well, the title for a start, anyone labelling their song The Devil Is Within Each Of Us, Yet There Is Still No God is certainly coming from a very different place than most of the pop twaddle we find lying around these days. Then you have the fact that it sounds like a metal band playing rave music, or perhaps a gothic symphony performed using power tools and gardening implements. And then there is the sheer relentlessness of it, it just powers through without any interest in traditional song structure, regular hook mechanisms or riffs and only a brave person will try singing along to it.

And yet despite all of this, or more likely because of it, the song is brilliant. Okay, it isn’t for everyone, it’s not going to enhance your family barbecue, well, certainly not to everyones tastes, but in the right environment it could just prove to be the greatest song you have hear in a long time. You just need to find a dance club hosted in the bombed out basement of a venue in the smoking ruins of a futuristic war zone and you just might be able to convince the DJ to play it for you.

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