Grímur – Tasmania: Drowsy Dreamy Folk Pop

Grímur’s Folk sound may be a bit more polished than you’re average Folk track, skating dangerously close to falling into the Pop genre. Yet Grímur’s command over his music fixes him on a thin white line, staying poignant and raw, yet drifting and seamlessly rounded.

His Latest track Tasmania comes from his 2017 2 track EP ‘Best Version of You’, the Icelandic singer songwriter may have just been testing the water with this short and sweet release, but I’m sure it’s just the tip of the iceberg for this poignantly talented artist. The overall tone of the sound is melodic yet romantic, the lyrics have the essence that was captured in the American Beat Generation of the 1950’s, the resonance of the guitars mixes a transient element of reverb into the mix behind the acoustic flavour of the sound. With such a mix of style and passion, I have no doubt that Grímur’s release will see him transgress from a humble emerging artist into one of the best Folk singer’s we’ve seen on the circuit for a while.

Check out Grímur’s latest track Tasmania on SoundCloud:

-Amelia Vandergast

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