Gregory Bennett – Liars and Lions: Synth Trap Indie Beats

Liars and Lions is guaranteed to be like no other Hip Hop Rap track that you’ve never heard before.

Gregory Bennett has mixed up his sound with the genius use of some Soft Alt Rock style female vocals that are pretty reminiscent of Hayley Williams style from Paramore. Now there’s a comparison that I never thought I’d make in a Hip Hop track. Liars and Lions bounces through its own unique genre mix, fusing Urban essence with, EDM Synth Trap Beats and the stunning vocals. Liars and Lions is Gregory Bennett’s latest track after years working with beats, he spent two years alone on his latest album ‘Take Two’, proving that pace really is the trick when it comes to creating what could only be described as a perfect beat.

The Indie R&B producer created this sensational hit in his own home from his own vision and determination to make music that makes his fans excitable and to evoke emotion. Gregory Bennett is a stunningly humble artist that you just can’t help falling in love with.

Check out Liars and Lions using the SoundCloud link below:

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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