Greg Crockett – Refreshing Contemporary Jazz

Greg Crockett’s latest album, released earlier in 2017 is one of the most immersive sounds that we’ve been treated to this year. The stylish jazz styling is dynamic and captivating, it stands out as a beacon of hope to music amongst the genre conforming acts that clog up the soundwaves on whatever radio station you tune into. His whole album is awash with seductive sounds that have the ability to make you feel like you’re a thousand miles away from where you really are. In my eyes It’s a timeless sound that deserves more recognition and I’m delighted to be the one to attempt to captivate the rich stylings of Greg Crockett and his band.

The majority of his sound is instrumental, yet when his band is so captivating and immersive it’s easy to forgive him for his sporadic offerings of vocals. The band create a percussion soaked experience for fans to get lost within. The discords are simply unlike anything I’ve ever heard before.

Head on over to Spotify where you can hear his latest 2017 album in full to get lost in the rich array of sound that the 11 tracks offer you.

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