Grand Lotus – Hangover: A Hangover Has Never Sounded So Sweet

Alternative Rock collective Grand Lotus have just released their latest pearlescent soundscape of pure harmonious melody Hangover. Things had got a little quiet on the musical front for Grand Lotus over the past year, yet with Hangover no one could dispute the band are right back on form with their hauntingly Indie sound. There’s a major instrumental focus to Hangover which gave Grand Lotus a little Shoegaze vibe, yet the reverb was minimal to allow you to hear every succinct strum of the guitar, with the odd Jangle Pop melody thrown in for good effect.

Whilst there is nothing especially pioneering about Grand Lotus’ music thanks to the overcrowded Alt Indie scene, their latest track Hangover is pretty much like having a cuddle. It’s warm, cosy, and makes you feel slightly better than before it started. So, all in all, I’d totally recommend that anyone with an Indie sensibility listens to this soaring sweet Indie anthem.

You can check out Grand Lotus’ debut 2018 track on SoundCloud  or through their official website now

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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