Graceful Berlin-based artist Raluca is quite scintillating on her excellent new single Thunder

With a wonderfully deep lyricism that reached the bottom of our soul on her previous single, Could IRaluca shows us her incredible talents yet again on the leaving-heart breakup infused single Thunder.

Raluca is a classically trained Berlin, Germany-based indie pop singer-songwriter, pianist and guitarist who has Romanian blood flowing within her veins.

She writes and sings about identity, love, the weight of loss and the possibility of new beginnings. Basically of life, with all facets. The result is energetic, yet at times soothing. Easy and deep at the same time. A blend of darkness and light given a voice.” ~ Raluca

Produced by David Nichols, Raluca urges us all to swiftly avoid those ghastly ghosts amongst us who don’t feel anything at all. For your precious heart’s sake, it’s best to hide away before your valuable shine is stolen forever by someone who just wants to use you as they see fit.

Thunder from the multi-talented Berlin, Germany-based indie pop singer-songwriter Raluca is a call to be left alone forever from a former lover who just wanted quiet away from that sapping energy. Courageous to the core and featuring striking vocals that will burn slowly on your ears, this is a single performed so majestically by a truly talented artist.

Check out this fine new single on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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