Gotta Take Care Of You: Soulful Mississippi singer Tarah Jaye reminds us that to be truly content you need to ‘Love Yourself’

Powered by her own Lyfe Artistry Productions, Tarah Jaye sings with so much pure intention and body-warming grace, on her stunning new single that urges us to look deeper despite the self-doubts, so that we may ‘Love Yourself‘.

Tarah Mannery aka Tarah Jaye, is an inspiring RnB/soul singer-songwriter, Jackson State University graduate, composer, arranger and music producer from Jackson, Mississippi.

After being in a successful band before with her ex-husband, she has wonderfully reinvented herself as a solo artist, and continues to sparkle and beam a bright light of inspiration to us all. This is a fighter you see, who has defied the odds to continue her career, when many thought she was finished forever.

A new marriage and the death of her father were the new chapters in Tarah Jaye’s life that catapulted her music to new levels. Many times, she wasn’t taken seriously and got turned down when she asked others to sing on her tracks. With the overwhelming encouragement and support from her new husband, she decided to just try to sing them herself and realized a voice existed underneath.” ~ Tarah Jaye

With her upcoming album ‘Love, Loss, and Liberty‘ on the way, this is a delicious taster that has your fragile soul feeling so much happier again. She sings with so much uplifting care and gorgeous elegance, and the soothing beat is such a welcoming light away from the cold darkness.

Love Yourself‘ from the superb Mississippi-based RnB/soul singer-songwriter and music producer Tarah Jaye, is a take-a-deep-breath-and-heal-with-me type of single, which urges us is to remember that you do need to take care of yourself. There will be sad heartbreak and distracting holes in the road which could take you under – but if you have the inner strength within – you can rise above all choppy waters. Love is all we really need.

Hear her lovely new single on Soundcloud and see her adventures via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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