Gotaflika Cooks up a Sun-Soaked Afrobeat Storm with Single “Promise”

Gotaflika may have left Africa behind him on his relocation to Los Angeles, but he made sure that he brought the ever-vibrant afrobeat rhythms with him to pour into pure vibe tracks such as “Promise”.  Promise is just one of the tracks which can be found on the breaking artist’s latest aptly titled EP “From Africa to L.A” which will invite you along on the journey with him!

The excellent production on the single makes it all too easy to crank up the volume and let the energy behind the track envelop you. I wouldn’t be surprised if you heard Gotaflika’s name a lot more in the future for his deft ability at cooking up a sun-soaked storm with his hyped beats and just as vibrant vocals which made sure that his passion never knew restraint.

You can check out Gotaflika’s latest single Promises for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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