‘Got the Juice’ is the new Hip Hop club banger from Houston rapper Dre LaDon

Got the Juice‘ is the new Hip Hop club banger from Houston rapper Dre LaDon who further cements his name in the US rap scene.

You have the juice inside, that extra little x-factor that you are either born with or not. You feel that this is your time and others are taking notice of your style, your raps and they can see it in your eyes. This is your time and you are ready to take this to the next level upwards.

This beat is crystallized with some extra oomph that is so rare. This is one of the rise-along tracks to pump loud in your mates care while going to go and pick up your other friends. This is music to be enjoyed with the volume up real high.

Dre LaDon was the first rapper to have a Hip Hop track played at his beloved Houston Texan stadium in the NFL. This shows that he is willing to go further to others to get his music played, far and wide. ‘Got the Juice‘ is the vibe that you will want to share with friends and this is a fine rap track in 2020.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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