Glasgow’s Carla J Easton brings her incredible energy and spellbinding style with ”Never Knew You”

Pop Music for Misfits is back with the always exciting singer-songwriter Carla J Easton on her new song called ”Never Mind”.

Carluke, Scotland is the home for the electric Carla J Easton who has been a member of the bands Futuristic Retro Champions and TeenCanteen. She is also currently is the keyboard player for The Vaselines while also pursuing a solo career, first under the name Ette and now under the name Carla J. Easton. Music is the heart and soul of this artist who’s vocals always makes you listen so close. She is so creative and her style is just a joy and filled with love.

Never Mind” from Scotland’s high-rising talent Carla J Easton is about wasting time with someone that you really fancied. It burnt for ages but you know that now it is off your mind and you have moved on. You have seen through the curtain and they showed you a side you won’t be a part of. This is the coming out party and you are ready to accept everything and not let this consume you.

Carla J Easton impresses yet again and makes you appreciate her wonderful talent. Synth-Pop filled ”Never Mind” deserves to be in ears all over the world as it’s one of the most delightful listens you will hear this year.

Stream this track from one of the creative artists around on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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