GingerBunnz – Trusting People: Unapologetically Empowered Hip Hop

Newark, NJ based Hip Hop and Soul artist GingerBunnz has just dropped her debut single Trusting People, which is frankly music to my ears. It’s no secret that men rule the Hip Hop scene, yet the up and coming recording artist definitely helped to prove how powerful lyrical waxing can be when it comes from a voice advocating feminine empowerment.

Trusting People is a lyrical narrative of a sombre reality, yet, one which women find themselves living in every day, so it was no surprise that paired with the harmony the track turned into a highly resonant emotional roller coaster. On the one hand you’re bowing down to the authority of GingerBunnz rap verses which sat in perfect meter and rhyme, then you’re wrapped up in the hard-hitting visceral passion that was penned into the lyrics. GingerBunnz drafted in a male R&B vocalist which proved to be the perfect compliment to her style, the strength in her vocals became palpable.

You can check out GingerBunnz single Trusting People out for yourself by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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