Gina Brooklyn – Warning: Soul-Drenched Folk Pop

If you’re looking for the perfect infusion of Folk Pop and Soul, I wouldn’t waste another moment before hitting play on Gina Brooklyn’s latest single Warning. Because God damn, it’s haunting, it’s captivating, and I’m pretty sure it’s like no other soundscapes you’ve treated your eardrums to before.

To say her vocals are unique would be a pretty big understatement, they’re breathy and delicate yet at the same time there is so much strength being poured into the mic which sits perfectly above the tentative acoustic instrumental progression of the track. The piano melodies paired with Gina Brooklyn’s evocative lyrics and vocal styling and absolutely bowled me over. I can’t begin to allude to how refreshing her raw and organic style is. Warning is perfection, right down to the sudden halt of the track which just makes you need to devour more of the up and coming artist’s music. I for one am hoping it’s not too long until she heads back into the studio to treat us to another sensually electric single.

You can check out Gina Brooklyn’s latest single Warning out for yourself by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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