GimmeMo – Cash Flow: Organic Contemporary R&B

Cash Flow; isn’t this what makes the materialistic world go round? This is also the title of GimmeMo’s new track.

There are a couple of things that are right with this song: On the music side of things, you will get a strong and spicy 90’s R&B sound, driven by a pretty-sounding guitar riff that adds a strong funky flavor to the track. The bass guitar is also present, leading the groove, while the beat on the back I will go ahead and say that it is its palest bit.

GimmeMo’s singing is enticing, while she is not presenting a wide vocal range on “Cash Flow” -actually, I believe that there are hardly any tone variations- it sounds promising. It definitely sounds like a work in progress, promising nevertheless. While she doesn’t get technical with her voice, she sounds unique, which is a bit inexplicable.

Overall, I appreciate the old-school vibes of “Cash Flow” and the fact that GimmeMo’s voice sounds anything but pretentious.

Listen to “Cash Flow” on Soundcloud

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis

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