Gid Sedgwick creates a new standard with “Ochos”

“Ochos” is a single from UK based up-and-comer Gid Sedgwick. Featuring a unique blend of indie spoken vocals, deep poppy synths, and heavily reverberated beats give us a glimpse into the mind of an artist who transcends the typical idea of what a genre is. Sedgwick takes what we traditionally know as Pop music and adds his own fresh and unique blend of sonic creativity to create a new monster which is going to be a true force to be reckoned with very soon.

“Ochos” is already making tons of noise in the UK, receiving rave reviews from Clash Music, EQ Music and Indie Biscuits, and it is only a matter of time before more people start taking notice. Combining very pop-centric melodies with electronic production and finalizing the craft within the indie songwriter formula creates a special blend of sonic stew which is unique and refreshing. An innovator within his own right, I would expect to hear a lot of noise from “Ochos” and Gid Sedgwick on Pop radio stations across the UK and beyond very soon.

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