Gianluca Magri – Reborn: Meet Your New Guitar Hero

Reborn is the stunning instrumental track by Gianluca Magri, his fretboard mastery will leave you slick with envy for his rhythmically soaring command of a fretboard, or you know, just in a state of pure beguilement of the relentless fluidity of the instrumentals as they stretch on for four minutes. Reborn is a soundscape which was born through the pious kneeling to the roots of Classic Hard Rock, I’m sure even the snobbiest of Rock fans won’t be able to find fault with the solid, concordant masterpiece cooked up by the Italian guitar hero.

Whilst in parts you may feel like you may be listening to the coolest video game soundtrack ever, there is an excellent progression in the mix which allows you to become truly immersed before you’re even half way through the track. When the instrumentals at that fierce, precise and succinct there really is little room for vocals to be added into the mix.

You can check out Gianluca Magri’s instrumental Rock masterpiece from his latest EP out for yourselves by heading over to YouTube, or you can download the full album from Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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