Gemma Danielle is the Chanteuse of 2022 in Her Latest Cinematic Jazz Pop Single, End Game

With all the class and gravitas of a 1920s Chanteuse, the Nottingham-based singer-songwriter Gemma Danielle filled her latest single, End Game, with a wicked sense of soul. The stormily cinematic single starts as a sultry ballad; it’s the aural equivalent of doe eyes, but as it progresses, Gemma Danielle delivers the parting shot in a relationship that has reached the death roll stage of dissatisfaction and despair.

To parallel her timeless style, Gemma Danielle brought a potent serving of lyrical vindication to the table in the track that hits its sonic sweet spot in the ingeniously jazzy pop-soul-rock interlude, which allows the single to groove to an unforgettable close. If any pop artist deserves to climb the charts in 2022, it is the best chanteuse we could have possibly asked for.

End Game is now available via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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