Garrison Collier – I Just: Viscerally Vibrant Up-Tempo Trip Hop

Garrison Collier isn’t your average Rapper, he has a distinct way of breathing a new life into the genre, the aura around his sound isn’t something you hear every day. It doesn’t take long before you’re engrossed in the simple yet enticing flow of his lyricism. Garrison Collier has made words his plaything with his debut single I Just which is already well on it’s way to viral status for it’s viscerally vibrant up-tempo beat which flows with seamless progression. At 18 years old, the rest of the Hip Hop scene should be worried about the competition that Garrison Collier is bringing to the table in his home town of Huber Heights, US. No one has ever rapped about Marmalade better than Garrison Collier, with his poetically gritty approach to song writing. His flow is incomparable to every other artist out there against his tight Trap beats and pioneering production, you can check out Garrison Colliers vibrantly refreshing beat I Just on SoundCloud

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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