Gabby Neeley offers a consoling alt-soul-pop mechanism with her latest single ‘Coping’

With her latest Alt-RnB single, ‘Coping’, Californian singer-songwriter, Gabby Neeley, smashed a plethora of soul-pop archetypes. By forgoing passivity, she justified coining the term ‘moody-soul-pop’; the unfaltering attitude which resonates in the vocals is scarcely contained; and the track is all the better for it. It’s raw, it’s organic, and it’s the perfect introduction to an admirably bold artist with the potential to flood your playlists with positive perception-shifting introspection.

Coping is far more than just another RnB-track-by-numbers kind of deal, the experimentalism in the atypical progressions and complete unpredictability of the soundscape captures Gabby Neeley’s sincere approach to song writing.

Coping is available to stream via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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