G Hinriksson – Life is what you make it and so is music

Pop music with a rock and roll spine? Rock music with plenty of funky grooves? Sassy contemporary blues with a dark and soulful kiss? Indie music which has grown up and stopped checking its hair in the mirror? Well, how about we accept that G Hinriksson is all of that and more and we just call it music, and This Is MY Life is all the proof you are going to need. And that is the art really, to not worry about where the generic boundaries are and just get on with the job of writing great songs and this is indeed a great song. Mixing immediate and accessible guitar hooks, simple but never simplistic beats and wonderfully vocal deliveries that blends vulnerability and a raw edge, the right sonic balance of groove and grunt, slickness and sass…its all there. Sounds simple doesn’t it?

It isn’t always about breaking new ground, sometimes it is good enough to revisit old musical comfort zones, give them a new lick of paint, polish things up a bit and come out with songs that work just because the fundamentals are spot on. No gimmicks, no fashion statements, just great music for the sake of great music. Isn’t that how it should be anyway?

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