Futurist – All I Ever Wanted: A Succinctly Captivating Reinvention of Psych Pop

If it’s been a while since you heard a track so succinctly beautiful and melodious it made you want to cry, you can give yourself a reminder of what emotively arrestive music sounds like by delving into Futurist ‘s latest 2019 album “Omens”.

Each of the ten singles on the album is equipped with an arsenal of authentic creative ingenuity, but the single “All I Ever Wanted” is the best introduction to their soulfully stylistic sound.

It’s not often I get viscerally excited about the commercial potential of music. But the jazzy, soft, comfortingly psychedelic progressions found in All I Ever Wanted have quite the enamouring effect.

Their unique take on Psych Pop is only possible through the talent possessed by the four NYC based artists. Through a mix of playful keys, lightly dexterous guitar progressions, and accordantly energetic percussion, the perfect platform for the magnetically quaint vocals was constructed.

You can check out Futurist’s sweetly serene latest single All I Ever Wanted by heading over to SoundCloud. Your soul will get quite the stroke if you take a chance on this endearingly mesmeric soundscape.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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