Fright Night By Steve Riven: A Frightful Futuristic Fantasy

Just think of a Tim Burton movie that has gotten into your head. Mix that with the goriest Steven King thriller and add a dash of M. Night. Shamalayan’s ‘The Sixth Sense’ and you’ve got this song. A phantasmagoric mash-up of your worst nightmares set to luxuriously dark chords and lyrical suspense. Steve Riven lets his imagination run wild in his latest release ‘Fright Night’ and the audience is treated to a sexy, shadowy musical invitation of the most sensual kind.

The orchestration is sound and the pulsating, crawling rhythm takes you to another world. The vocals are far back in track but, for some reason, this decision only adds to the suspense. Rather than a face to face conversation, Steve Riven creates a terrifying voice in your head that is impossible to ignore, with a lush, hedonistic bass line that leaves you in two minds as to whether you want to. If thought provoking and chilling is what he was going for, then this track is a monumental success.

Listen to ‘Fright Night’ by Steve Riven on YouTube but be warned – you’re gonna want to let the dog sleep on the bed, just for tonight.

Review by Susan Harriott

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