Freedom Worship – Devotional music for the modern world

Freedom Worship are the modern face of spiritual creativity and the modern face of devotional music. They are not a band so much as a community, one which expresses itself through many different art forms, through many different styles and genres, music such as You Rose For Me being just one example of their output.

The song is a wonderful blend of modern gospel, soul and R&B but could just as easily find favour with those more into their pop music. But of course, as always with such music, the important aspect of the song is the lyrical message. As the title suggests it is a celebration of the sacrifice that Jesus made for his followers and the world as a whole but such is the slick and modern nature of the song it will easily find favour outside the evangelical community. Those who believe will appreciate its meaning, those who take a more secular path with be entranced by the beauty of the harmonies and arrangements. The best of both worlds.

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